Budapest Film Studios

Nov 23, 2021

Film studios are the backbones of the film industry. If you plan on shooting your film in Hungary, you’re in for a real treat! From small studios to high tech stages, the possibilities are endless. Some locations very close to the city also provide some of the best backlots frequently used in big internationl productions.

Films and TV series shot in these studios from Blade Runner 2049 to Midsommar prove their versatility; for whatever needs your production has. All of the following studios are located in Budapest or only a half an hour ride away from the city centre. We collected some of the best studios that offer you well-rounded production services.


Origo Budapest Film Studios

Source: Origo Studios Budapest Facebook Page

Origo Studios offers the biggest "Hollywood" standard facilities in the country. They provide studios, stages and many other services for maximum convenience. With their help, you can focus fully on bringing your film into life. With 10 stages (soundstages and VFX/multimedia stages included) and around 4 hectares of backlot, they offer easy access to any setting you can imagine.

Their services include everything from accounting and legal support to set production, office spaces close to the sets and warehouses for storage. The stages and office spaces also provide everything you might need for post production.


Korda Studios in Etyek provide one of the biggest sound stages in the world. The facilities occupy an area of 6000 square metres as well as a water tank and other support facilities. They can also help you with a backdrop, prop and equipment rental as well as financial support, but their strengths lie in their state of the art sound stages and versatile backlots.

Korda Film Studios - Budapest


With their help, Budapest can be transformed into any other big city location, from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, and they can offer you a built New York backlot as well. You can also travel back in time with their renaissance and medieval backlots frequently used in historical costume dramas and fantasy films and TV series.


The importance and relevance of MAFILM have been proven over time. This film studio has been active for more than a hundred years. Their Budapest studios offer smaller filming studios and support, but their 23-hectare studio complex in a neighbouring town is where it’s at.

MAFIML can offer you a versatile medieval town, WW2 barracks backlot and open area sets.

They also provide era-appropriate weapons and props to make sure the immersion is not broken. Not to mention the biggest outdoor water tank on the continent that can be easily built into outdoor sets thanks to the huge open area around it.

Mafilm Budapest Film Studios

There is no shortage of smaller film studios around Budapest. STERN Studio in Pomáz, for example, can help you with high tech stages and support facilities like workshops and offices.

If you’re looking for stages and outdoor backlots, ASTRA can be a great choice for your film production. They will also have the biggest indoor water tank by 2022, so it’s good to keep an eye on them!

Hopefully, we have piqued your interest. If you would like to film in Budapest, make sure to contact Abroad Films!