Discover the Best Studio Spaces in Budapest for Filmmakers

Unveiling Budapest's Finest Studios: A Filmmaker's Guide with Abroad Films

Jan 16, 2024

Budapest, with its blend of historic charm and modern facilities, has become a beacon for filmmakers worldwide. As a premier service production company, Abroad Films is at the forefront of this cinematic revolution, guiding producers and directors to the finest studio spaces the city has to offer.

The Appeal of Budapest for Filmmakers

Why is Budapest on every filmmaker's radar? The city offers an array of backdrops, from Gothic architecture to contemporary urban landscapes. It's not just the visual appeal; Budapest is also home to skilled film crews and cost-effective production solutions. Films like 'Blade Runner 2049' and 'The Martian' stand testament to the city's cinematic allure.

Top Studio Spaces in Budapest: A Guide

Budapest is dotted with studio spaces that cater to diverse production needs. From sprawling lots with state-of-the-art equipment to intimate spaces perfect for independent projects, each studio has its unique charm. We'll take you through a curated list, highlighting studios that offer the best in terms of technology, convenience, and ambiance.

1. Origo Studios Budapest: Your Premier Hollywood-Style Filmmaking Destination in Hungary

Origo Studios, renowned for its expansive "Hollywood" standard facilities, simplifies your filmmaking process. Boasting 10 diverse stages, including soundstages and VFX/multimedia stages, and a vast 4-hectare backlot, they make any cinematic vision feasible. Their comprehensive services range from accounting and legal assistance to set production, conveniently located office spaces, and ample storage warehouses. Additionally, their stages and offices are fully equipped for all your post-production needs, ensuring a streamlined, all-inclusive experience.

Source: Origo Studios Budapest Facebook Page

2. Korda Studios: Crafting Cinematic Wonders in Etyek's Expansive Sound Stages

Korda Studios, nestled in Etyek, boasts one of the world's largest sound stages, encompassing a vast 6000 square meter area, complete with a water tank and various support facilities. Renowned for their cutting-edge sound stages and versatile backlots, they excel in transforming Budapest into any global city, from the canals of Amsterdam to the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires. Their built New York backlot and historical sets, perfect for renaissance and medieval themes, are ideal for costume dramas and fantasy films. Alongside backdrop, prop, and equipment rentals, Korda Studios also offers financial support, making it a comprehensive hub for filmmakers.


3. MAFILM Studios: A Century of Filmmaking Excellence in Budapest

With over a century of cinematic history, MAFILM has established itself as a pivotal player in the film industry. While their Budapest studios cater to smaller-scale productions, the real magic happens in their expansive 23-hectare studio complex. MAFILM's offerings include a diverse medieval town set, WWII barracks backlot, and open area sets for versatile filmmaking. They provide era-specific weapons and props for authentic storytelling, and boast the largest outdoor water tank in Europe, surrounded by ample open space for seamless integration into outdoor scenes.

MAFILM Studios

Abroad Films' projects in Budapest

To truly understand the filmmaking potential in Budapest, let’s take a look at some of the standout projects Abroad Films has brought to life in this vibrant city. Our portfolio includes the visually stunning 'Hummel Global Image '23', a project that showcased our ability to blend creativity with Budapest’s diverse locales. We also serviced a TVC for the brand Lemsip, capitalizing on the city's unique settings to create an impactful narrative. Additionally, our work on the BBC drama documentary 'Shakespeare' is a testament to our expertise in managing complex productions, utilizing the amazing backlots & soundstages to the fullest. These projects highlight not just the versatility of Budapest as a filming destination, but also our proficiency in bringing diverse stories to life in this cinematic city.

Lemsip (Missing Link/Havas London)

Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius (BBC Docuseries)

Hummel (KNAS Creative)

How Abroad Films Can Help You Find the Perfect Studio

Choosing the right studio can be daunting. Abroad Films simplifies this process. With our deep understanding of Budapest's film landscape and strong industry connections, we match your project with a studio that aligns with your vision and logistical needs. Our clients often praise the seamless experience and the customized solutions we provide.

Navigating Legalities and Logistics in Budapest

Filming in a new city comes with its set of challenges. At Abroad Films, we navigate the maze of permits, local regulations, and logistical hurdles for you. Our team ensures that your focus remains on creativity, while we handle the intricacies of filming in Budapest.

Beyond the Studio: Exploring Budapest’s Filmmaking Potential

Budapest's allure extends beyond its studios. The city is a treasure trove of unique filming locations. Abroad Films offers comprehensive services, including location scouting, talent sourcing, and access to top-notch post-production facilities. We ensure that every aspect of your production in Budapest is nothing short of perfect.

Budapest's studio spaces, combined with the expertise of Abroad Films, create an unmatched filmmaking synergy. Whether you're planning a large-scale production or a regional TVC, Budapest is the destination, and Abroad Films is your ideal partner.

Embark on your next cinematic journey in Budapest with Abroad Films. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your film production experience.