Why Hungary film studios have the locations and skills for your next production

Unveiling Hungary: Where Creative Visions Come to Life on Screen

Aug 15, 2023

Hungary has emerged as a prominent destination for filmmakers seeking exceptional locations and top-notch production skills for their next cinematic endeavor.

With its diverse landscapes, rich history, and world-class film infrastructure, Hungary offers an unparalleled setting that can breathe life into a wide array of stories.

From sprawling medieval castles to bustling urban streets, tranquil rural villages to futuristic architectural marvels, Hungary's diverse range of locations and studios provides an ideal canvas for filmmakers to craft their visions. Hungary is like that versatile actor who can play any role and totally nail it.

One of Hungary's most alluring features for filmmakers is its remarkable versatility. The country's landscape can seamlessly transform from 19th-century Parisian streets to otherworldly fantasy realms, offering an unmatched degree of creative freedom.

The historic city of Budapest boasts an array of well-preserved architectural gems that can stand in for various global settings. The juxtaposition of grandiose buildings and cobblestone alleys provides filmmakers with the ability to capture both opulence and grit within a single location.

Hungarian film studios offer movie talents and film education

Beyond picturesque settings, Hungarian film studios also shine as hubs of technical expertise. The country's film industry has been nurtured over decades, resulting in a highly skilled workforce that encompasses all aspects of film production. From accomplished directors and award-winning cinematographers to talented costume designers and skilled set constructors, Hungarian film studios offer a deep pool of professionals who have honed their craft on both local and international projects.

This wealth of talent ensures that filmmakers can expect a seamless and efficient production studio process, backed by a team of individuals who are passionate about bringing visions to life.

Partly it is because of the quality of education. The training of film professionals in Hungary goes all the way back to the 19th century and continues to nowadays. There is an abundance of film schools which is how Hungary can undertake the skyrocketing demands of production and service work.

Hungary's film industry has flourished over the years, driven by a combination of historical legacy, robust film education, and the ability to meet the growing demand for high-quality productions.

Myriad of film studios in Budapest

Moreover, each of Hungary's film studios commit to fostering a film-friendly environment is evident through its well-equipped studios and state-of-the-art filming and post production facilities. Several renowned film studios, equipped with cutting-edge technology and ample soundstages, are all in Budapest or in a thirty minute car drive radius.

These facilities not only cater to large-scale productions but also offer the flexibility to accommodate projects of varying sizes and budgets. This infrastructure, combined with Hungary's competitive production costs, makes it an economically sensible choice for filmmakers aiming to maximize the visual impact of their projects without compromising on quality.

Just to name a few:


Source: Origo Studios Budapest Facebook Page

Origo Studios offers the biggest "Hollywood" standard facilities in the country. They provide studios, stages and many other services for maximum convenience. With their help, you can focus fully on bringing your film into life. With 10 stages (soundstages and VFX/multimedia stages included) and around 4 hectares of backlot, they offer easy access to any setting you can imagine.

Korda Studios

Korda backlots. Source: kordastudio.hu

Korda Studios in Etyek provides one of the biggest sound stages in the world. The facilities occupy an area of 6000 square metres as well as a water tank and other support facilities. They can also help you with a backdrop, prop and equipment rental as well as financial support, but their strengths lie in their state of the art sound stages and versatile backlots.

Mafilm Studio

Mafilm medieval backlots

Mafilm can offer you a versatile medieval town, WW2 barracks backlot and open area sets.

They also provide era-appropriate weapons and props to make sure the immersion is not broken. Not to mention the biggest outdoor water tank on the continent that can be easily built into outdoor sets thanks to the huge open area around it.

In conclusion, Hungary's film studios, locations, and skills present an enticing proposition for filmmakers in search of an exceptional production experience. The country's diverse landscapes, historical charm, and adaptable settings offer a tapestry of possibilities to weave captivating narratives. Backed by a skilled workforce and world-class facilities, Hungary stands as a destination that can fulfill the creative ambitions of filmmakers while delivering a streamlined and cost-effective production process. Whether seeking to evoke a sense of nostalgia or transport audiences to uncharted realms, Hungary has firmly established itself as a cinematic powerhouse ready to bring cinematic visions to life.

Get ready to bring your big screen dreams to life in a place that's got everything you need and more. Lights, camera, Hungary – let's make some movie magic!