Feature, commercial, television and branded film production in Bulgaria

Flexibility, low production cost and a very high skill base. Superb filming facilities are available in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria offers highly trained and professional crews and extensive top-class studio facilities used by Hollywood studios for filming. Production and post-production facilities are amongst the best in the world.

English, Italian or French is spoken by the vast majority.

Commercial Film Production in Sofia, Bulgaria

There are no unions and no specific labour regulations concerning filming except when employing minors.

Certain filming rules, mainly regarding work hours, overtime and turnaround periods, are widely accepted as industry standards. These are adhered to by film producers and production companies alike.

The standard filming workday in Bulgaria is 12 hours.


Tax incentive (under construction)


Film production spending in 2019


of country’s GDP is film production


One of the most cost effective locations in Europe

Film Production Services in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Bulgaria boasts a varied geography and climate and its geographical position accounts for its rich culture and history. Roman architecture, Byzantine churches and medieval fortresses sit side by side with traditional villages and gritty communist-era concrete buildings.

The opportunities for filming in Bulgaria are endless.

The wooded mountains extend to a spectacular height of 2,895m. Bulgaria has crystal clear rivers and lakes, lush green fields stretching out across the midlands and spectacular sandy beaches merging with idyllic views of the picturesque Black Sea.

All this beauty is within a relatively small area, helping to keep logistics simple and production costs down.

Four seasons, one location.

Bulgaria has a continental climate characterised by four well-defined seasons: white, snowy winter; fresh and blossomy spring; warm sunny summer and rainy golden-leafed autumn.

Put all this together and you have the perfect location for all types of tv, film and video production:

  • Commercial Film Production
  • Feature Films
  • Short films
  • TV Series
  • TV Commercials
  • Music videos

Extensive rich and varied natural scenery

  • Mountain ranges
  • Beautiful coastline
  • Modern urban architecture
  • Traditional Balkan architecture
  • Caves and other natural wonders

Favoured by the best

Feature films and TV series filmed and produced in Bulgaria