Abroad Films is a production service company with HQ in London, providing production services in Hungary and Bulgaria.

We are a leading service provider. Our experts can help facilitate any scale of production whilst achieving some of the most competitive prices on the market.

The London HQ was set up in 2019 with 20+ years of experience in the CEE region. We offer the highest quality production services for TV commercials, features, TV series, documentaries, short and long-form content, music videos, and still photo shooting.

  • Extremely talented skill sets across the industry. A wide range of skill sets both at the production and post-production stages.
  • Very flexible crews compared with other locations. In Hungary, 6 working day weeks with 12 hour days as standard and overtime rates gradually applying every 2 hours after that. In Bulgaria 7 working day weeks with 12 hour days as standard.
  • Low administration workload and an absence of trade unions.
  • Tremendous experience within the industry.
  • Budapest film studios are second to none—an enormous range of high-quality modern sound stages and backlots.
  • The vast availability of technical equipment. After 25 years of cutting-edge film and programme-making, there is no shortage of equipment at a meagre cost.
  • Plenty of space for building new sets at low cost and in close proximity.
  • Financing available plus features and TV series attract 30% rebates in Hungary.

Our team

Our London, Budapest and Sofia teams would happily help you with your next project, whatever size or budget. Please speak to our CEO Attila or one of our UK team to quote on your next project.

Attila Horváth


After twenty years of experience with his own agency HAB Advert as Creative Director. Attila decided to focus his attention on providing the best service production to directors and companies worldwide. “I love films. Making films was the most rewarding part of my career as an agency Creative Director. In those 20 years in Hungary, I was fortunate enough to create many award-winning commercials working with and learning from the most talented directors worldwide. I have created over 400 commercials. In 2017 I founded Abroad Films. This journey has literally taken me to London where I now live. I opened Abroad Films' London office in 2019."

Anatoli Netchev

Head of Production, Bulgaria

Anatoli was born in Bulgaria and graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia. Having worked in the film industry for over 20 years on over 50 feature films and over 200 commercials. For the last 5 years he has been servicing and producing film and commercial productions in Bulgaria.

Károly Fehér

Line Producer, Hungary

Over 30 years in the film industry in Hungary and working with Attila for the last 20 years. Producing commercials, features and long form branded content.

“We’ve just completed shooting a series of TVC’s through Abroad films in Bulgaria. As ever we were presented with a super challenging schedule but I found the support we got on the ground throughout fantastic! In particular the very generous nature of our local team and that when coming up against new problems I found everyone always to be incredibly resourceful. A great experience!”


Caswell Coggins (UK)

“Filmmaking in a new city can always be a nerve-wracking endeavour but I knew we’d be ok from our first zoom call with Abroad Films. Their passion and professionalism were infectious throughout the 3 weeks we were in constant contact. So many production companies are purely facilitators, with Abroad films you get a partner just as dedicated to creating something memorable as the directors they work with. We didn’t just work well together, we had fun. We’ll be seeing them again very soon…”


That Jam (UK) // Joe & Sam // Joe Beverley and Samuel Hurlock

“I found working with Abroad Films to be a very positive experience. They surrounded us with the best crew, we were so well looked after. The operation ran very smoothly and they made what was a pretty tough job to be a much easier one due to their expertise and positive welcoming attitude. I would heartily recommend them.”


Richard Mott (UK)

“Abroad Films are extremely professional, so prompt and want to deliver you the best they can. 100% trust this team and would work with them again.”

Producer & Director, Witch Movie

Marc Zammit (UK)

“Shooting in Budapest was such a great experience! Both the crew and service company were the perfect partners, giving us professional and quick results, it's certainly one of the best places to shoot. You can feel the traditional cinematographic background within the team. From the art department to the FX team, everyone is always trying to find the best solution. Light and camera equipment are contemporary, functional and ready to shoot from high speed to live-action scenes. Looking forward to coming back to shoot in Budapest ….and be in the spa also.”


Alberto Arellano (Spain)

“Budapest is called Little Paris for a good reason. I’ve shot here several times in the past and I always had a fantastic experience working with the Hungarian crew, no matter if it’s shooting a car commercial making use of the beautiful city architecture or heading out to the countryside to capture a more adventurous story. Budapest is such a film friendly city it makes me come back, again and again. It’s never a struggle to get access to the good locations and the production crews are always there to support you and put that extra mile in to help you make the project the best it can be. Definitely one of my favourite cities. Can’t wait to come back…”

Film Director

Daniel Börjesson (Sweden)

“We were absolutely satisfied with the finished TVC - and are very proud of it still. The cooperation was a delight, both professionally and personally - we will definitely work with them again in the future.”

Szilvia Brodar

Marketing Director, Unilever Hungary

“Although the odds were not in our favor, the pandemic being as is, they delivered precisely and all our doubts were washed away in an instant, by their professional attitude and flawless execution.”

Gergo Fabian

Creative Director, HAB ad

“After a well-prepared and thorough PPM we arrived at the shooting with great confidence, where our positive feelings were reassured - the execution went flawlessly and professionally.”

Adam Somogyi

Globus Brand Manager, Unilever Hungary

“We don't often get the chance to develop new commercials, so we are usually a bit concerned, especially when working with a production house for the first time. But Abroad Films managed the production from preparation through shooting to post production very professionally, to my absolute satisfaction.”

Gabriella Horvath

Senior Brand Manager, Richter Gedeon

“We were convinced at the first meeting with the Abroad Team - we just knew that they are a professional team with great expertise.”

Kata Hajdics

Food Category Manager, Unilever Hungary