A collection of peculiar filming locations in Hungary

May 13, 2021

Whether you are looking for a historic scene with a twist or the place to shoot your next futuristic sci-fi film, Abroad Films certainly has the perfect locations for you. In this article, we collected the locations with the most personality and charm.

Hungary is rich with opportunities for filming mainly due to its buildings and scenes reflecting rich history. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dystopian action film or a quirky adventure, you will find what you need.

The streets of all of Europe in a single city - Budapest

Budapest is a true chameleon when it comes to filming locations. The sets can be transmuted into any other city of Europe or even North America. You only need to watch Munich, Die Hard with a Vengeance, or The Bourne Identity as proof.

Filming locations that are out of this world - Sci-fi adventures

You might think that Hungarian film locations are only useful for their historic touch. Well, you should think twice about that. The country is rich with futuristic and industrial sights, that can capture the cold and brutalist visions of science fiction. Just perfect for your next production.

The Martian acts as a great testament as an unconventional leisure centre in Budapest acts as the NASA HQ.

Even science fiction films with an unusual visual, like the neo-noir Blade Runner 2049, can find the perfect film locations in Budapest.

Peculiar Filming Locations - Dystopian fantasy

Hollywood often envisions dystopia and dystopian fiction in Eastern-European socialist settings. So it comes as no surprise that many of these films end up being shot in Hungary.

The train stations of Budapest are a popular filming location, they also show up in both Red Sparrow and Black Widow.

Filming locations with Post-industrial ruins

Slightly similar to dystopian settings, there are some special locations with a rusty, decaying setting. Wall-E could have a field day in any of these places.

The vast and empty space of these locations gives an eerie, liminal atmosphere.

The playfulness of colour and symmetry

To finish on a brighter note, there are places even Wes Andreson could not refuse. There has to be a reason why he named his fictional hotel after Budapest.

Credit: @accidentallywesanderson (https://www.instagram.com/accidentallywesanderson/)

There is no shortage of interiors such as cafés with unique character. The places themselves could be great storytellers.

If any of these locations are of interest or would like to know more about the possibilities of filming in Hungary or Bulgaria, feel free to reach out to Abroad Films.

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