There’s No Place Like Home: Telling Stories Through Space

Oct 6, 2021

Hungary doesn’t only have scenic views and unique places. This small Eastern-European country also has some of the most versatile interior living spaces for filming locations. Living environments have an important place in character building and storytelling. Nicely lit palaces, grand halls or on the other end of the spectrum: high-rise apartments and modern lofts. We are certain that we will have whatever you are looking for.

Dance halls, powder rooms from the history books

In a country rich with history it is easy to find places that encompass the style of a specific era. In a lot of palaces and castles, the interiors have been restored to their original beauty. For classic period pieces, these baroque living quarters provide the perfect environment.

A particular bold interior design can be a big strength of a movie, but not always. Sometimes having a well-lit and spacious, airy set for the director’s vision is what is important. If you wish to shoot in a palace that gave space for Die Hard 5, Munich, Blade Runner 2049 or Maigret, look no further:

After Party in The Great Gatsby style

A precious gem in a big city with an overflowing personality. These unique spaces can give a film scene that je-ne-sais-quoi.

The bright and eclectic colours of these rooms give them the atmosphere of a space where anything can happen.

Countryside romance

These romantic houses can be only kept for the hot summertime, to reconnect with nature and get away from the everyday noise.

They can also encompass the simple yet busy lifestyle of a farm or cottage, with the everyday work of tending to the vegetable garden and farm animals. With simply adorned cabinets, porches with rocking chairs, a place for wisdom and innocence.

Home is where the heart is: multigenerational houses

Big open windows, some street traffic streams into the apartment. The cosy home for a busy family living in the middle of a city. The layout tells stories of generations and has a spice of history, but each dweller can make it their own.

The terraced houses from your favourite UK dramas

What could be a suburban home for the US, it’s the townhouse for Europe. It might be in a suburban neighbourhood or a smaller town, but the wooden furniture and panelling is a signature look.

Behind the Iron Curtain: the Eastern-European look

Many apartments are to this day infused with the looks of life under socialism. The mixture of simplistic yet sometimes futuristic design with the juxtaposition of doilies and ceramic figurines are everything that reminds you of your grandma’s place. These places are contemporary in reality but are nostalgic at the same time.

The hip apartment of the 21st century

For someone from high society, a modern artist or a chic family: the loft is their natural environment.

With big open spaces and multiple levels, the loft gives so much opportunity for good storytelling and options for filming. The minimalist look gives a chance for something more interesting to unfold in these spaces.

Location scouting can be a drag, but not for us. If you have a vision that you’d like to turn into reality - we know how to support it with the best locations. Reach out to us!