Abroad Films’ Halloween Special: get on a spooky ride with us!

Oct 29, 2021

We all know the places that look normal at first glance, and then when you look again, someone is in the windows looking right back at you? The following locations might seem welcoming and kind, but as you learn more about them, you wish to just pack your bags and run far away. Curl up in a cosy blanket and enjoy Abroad Films’ Halloween Special!

Home sweet home

The ultimate scariest thing is realizing that you are not safe in your own home. The place you take care of, and it takes care of you in return - to realize its corruption makes the hairs stand up on your back.

The home invasion horror trope is not new but is easy to renovate. The corruption can come from outside sources, a stalker, maybe a serial killer. Or is it the house itself that’s possessed? If you had moved in not too long ago, how would you know its history? Agents don’t usually disclose how many bodies have been found in the basement during the decades.

Trapped in a teenage nightmare

Terrible high school memories can haunt you for a long time. The school is another place that promises to keep children safe but can not always keep that promise. Be honest: would you dare to walk the hallways in pitch dark?

You shouldn’t be here

Big and empty spaces give you the feeling that you are trespassing. Being in a mall after every store has closed, in a museum, all alone with the relics, in an empty subway station. Places that are often so crowded can be eerie and suspicious when you’re there all on your own.

If you are looking for a location for a movie with a lot of gore, may we suggest an abandoned industrial site: sharp edges, not sure when the floor will collapse under the person.

Don’t go near the killer shack

Collapsing barns, old and rusty tools around the garden, a shack that has more holes than walls. The perfect filming location for a slasher movie. The barns could be repurposed to whatever your favourite serial killer would like. And if anyone dares to trespass, we cannot guarantee their safety.

Bed but we’ll see if you stay for Breakfast

It can either be a neighbourhood B&B or the fanciest hotel in town, I guarantee if the walls could talk, you wouldn’t put your head down on those pillows. Hotels are popular locations for movies with any paranormal activity and are places for some of the classics, such as The Shining or Psycho.

Don’t look down (or up): Vertigo style

This might be an oddly specific suggestion on our part, but we do have some of the prettiest stairways in our arsenal. Would be a shame if someone accidentally slipped on them.

Now we hope we didn’t scare you too much, grab a nice cup of tea and listen to some ASMR to calm your nerves. If you have a vision for your next movie project, let us know and we will find the perfect match for it when it comes to locations!