A Day in Budapest - Summer Edition

Aug 1, 2022

If you have a shooting in Budapest during the summer and have a day-off, we have the best advice for you. Explore Europe’s best-kept secret, Budapest!

Budapest is known for its charming atmosphere, interesting cultural heritage, and breathtaking sights. Here are some fun things you can do during your stay here.

We already imagined what it’s like during the winter, and now, here is the summer edition!

Ways to explore the city

Bicycling is one of the most common ways to explore the city. You can also get to know the history and culture of the city by walking along the streets and exploring the buildings. Public transport is also a great option as you can get by pretty easily and quickly.

First stop: the most important meal of the day

Where to start the day? Of course, they serve delicious breakfast! One of the safest bets is Double Shot on Veres Pálné utca. Nomen est omen - every coffee drink is made with a double espresso. They are close to Fővám tér - there is an amazing market to check out on the way.

Central Market Hall, Budapest. Source: Wikipedia

If you feel ready to continue with your day, we recommend taking Tram 2 from Fővám tér, and enjoy this view on the riverside. No need to take a Hop On Hop Off bus, this is the best sightseeing vehicle!

Tram Two on the riverside, Budapest

On your way you will see many gorgeous buildings, but one of them is our very own Parliament.

Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament. Source: Unsplash, Lachlan gowen

Second stop: Island of Rabbits

Leave the tram on Jászai Mari tér, and start walking on the wonderful yellow Margaret Bridge. But don't reach the other side! When you're half-way, make a right so you get straight to Margaret Island. It used to be called Island of Rabbits, because in the Middle Ages they used to hunt here. Not a coincidence, because the whole island is a huge park, there are a few old ruins and two hotels.

The reason we recommend it is because it has amazing scenery, but also because Palatinus Bath is located there. It's an amazing place to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the water. The spa and bath complex is more than 100 years old but of course it was renovated since then, the latest one took place in 2017. It was the very first bath in Budapest where visitors could bathe outdoors. It is a gem of Bauhaus that is definitely an experience with all the statues, gargoyles and fountains.

Palatinus Bath, Buadpest

Don't bother to leave the Island or even the spa for lunch - you have all the options laid out front of you right there. It's street food and beach food but what else would you need?

Last but not least: the night is calling

If you took a swim and enjoyed a sunbath, and are ready to take the night by starting with an excellent dinner, don't look further than Rosenstein! It is an iconic restaurant where they specialize in traditional Ashkenazi Jewish and Hungarian food. Need more proof? Robert de Niro, Steven Spielberg, Mark Ruffalo and Timothée Chalamet all payed a visit when they were shooting in here.

Last stop: let’s get that body moving by an open air party! Autumn and winter definitely fall under club season, but not the summertime. There are many open air places to hang out during this time of year. Let us recommend a few:

Budapest Park: if you are willing to explore some of the most popular Hungarian bands of our time, this is the spot.

Dürer Kert: located in the outskirts of Budapest right next to the Danube, Dürer Kert is an excellent place to hang out on summer nights. Street food, table tennis, hammocks and local underground bands? Say No more!

Pavilon: the smallest and coziest of the bunch. Pavilon is the perfect spot to look at the Danube from a beautiful park, listen to techno and drink Aperol or Club Mate meanwhile.

We scratched the surface now, but Budapest does offer an endless of possibilities. If you are looking for great locations, soundscapes and crew, don’t look any further! Contact us.

Cover: Nikolett Emmert, Pexels