A Day in Budapest: Winter Adventures

Feb 23, 2022

Work smarter, not harder! We all need a day to step away from the project and recharge, experience new things and be present. Luckily Budapest is a wonderful city to explore and get lost in for a day or a weekend.

Start your day the right way

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We will not debate this statement, but offer you some delicious options to start your day. There are plenty of options when it comes to breakfast, from a full continental plate to a nutritious juice. Get a latte or hot cocoa in a downtown café. You will also find breakfast more on the French side: there are a lot of cute french cafés with delicious pastries if you are craving a croissant. We do recommend filling up though, as today’s adventures will need some energy.

Credit: Normafa Park Facebook, by: Kiss Viktor

Our first stop is Normafa, a hillside area in Buda. It might be a little crowded, but it’s definitely worth the view. You can see all of Budapest from the top of the hill. Take a bus or hike to the top, it’s up to you. Locals love to use this hill for casual skiing, sledging and other winter sports. It’s a great spot for families to have an active day outside in the colder days.

Warm up with a hot meal

For a filling lunch, we can not recommend goulash soup enough. There is nothing better on a cold day, especially after being outside for a while than a delicious and nutritious bowl of soup filled with vegetables and meat. But you needn't worry if you avoid animal products: many great vegan places in the city centre offer hot vegetable and creamy soups during this time of the year.

Keep in mind that it gets dark really quick and early, but we should be able to find the silver lining in that as well. Depending on how active you wish to be in the afternoon. If you want to lay back, enjoy some atmospheric sounds, make sure to visit a bath. Budapest is rich in thermal water sources, therefore in baths and spas. We know your hotel might have a local spa but trust us: the architecture of these bathhouses and the view they can have on the city is worth stepping out into the cold for a second.

Don’t go back to your hotel just yet

Now for those who can’t and won’t stop moving: in the winters, the lake in the middle of the city park is covered and transformed into an ice skating rink! Get your skates ready and enjoy the fairy lights and the holiday atmosphere. To warm yourself up after a few rounds, hot cocoa or mulled wine is always a great choice.

Credit: csodalatosmagyarorszag.hu

There are plenty of great restaurants to relax after such an active day. Some of them even have a Michelin star - but make sure to reserve a spot if you fancy trying them out. If you prefer to decide on the spot, the downtown is filled with great spots to try out local or even international cuisine.

If you’re still not ready to hit the bed, get lost in the Budapest nightlife. Clubs are usually open every night, but the fun starts after 10 pm. Until it’s time to dance, have a beer or a cocktail at a speciality bar or a ruin bar. Each place has a specific mood, we guarantee you will find a place you will like.