5 TV ads Abroad Films is particularly proud of

May 18, 2022

Abroad Films has more than twenty years of experience in film production in the CEE area. It would be near impossible to compose an inclusive portfolio of every production we have worked on. But we can make a highlight reel of the ones we are particularly proud of or ones that show a side of our team that might be rather interesting to our future partners.

Abroad Films has incredible experience in shooting advertisements for the FMCG industry. It takes a lot of work to build relationships with the best of the best when it comes to a niche like foodie content. We see them every day from TV ads to streaming platforms, so it is important to set your brand apart with a high quality ad - and that is exactly what Abroad Films can help you with.

What we would like to avoid is being boxed into this specific category. In this list we would like to show you the expertise as well as the range of our work.


We worked on a set of TVCs for one of the biggest Unilever brands in Hungary, Globus. Globus specializes in sauces and condiments, so for the perfect shots we knew we had to bring in the amazing food stylist, Ferenc Urbányi.

The scene revolved around the family dinner table, so we worked with experienced child and teen actors for a lovely family atmosphere.


We had the pleasure of creating an ad campaign for Noor&Sunny. The spots were shot in Sofia, Bulgaria and we knew they needed to be a harmonious intercultural experience, as the campaign aired in multiple countries. It was great to work with the critcally acclaimed director, Caswell Coggins as well as with the amazing director of photography, Richard Mott.

Carte D’Or / Algida

Coming full circle with some dessert, our last favourite from our works in the FMCG industry is with Algida and their delicious Carte D’Or ice creams. Once again, Ferenc Urbányi was our food photography wizart to create beautiful macro shots for the chocolate-biscuit flavoured ice cream, he also designed biscuits with their own pattern-typical Hungarian folk motifs.

To fit their creamy product we worked with experts to find and create minimalist yet luxurious sets for the ads. These environments were also perfect for a multinational campaign, as it aired in 5 countries.


Abroad Films also has experience in working on ads in different industries such as the pharmaceutical industry.

The TVC for Richter was directed by István Kovács who 2 years later went on to win the bronze medal at the Student Academy Awards with his short film. We appreciate working together and giving opportunities to young talents!


The spots were used to launch the home delivery service of the Austrian furniture chain, Mömax. We worked again, with talented location scouters and set designers for these unusual locations and environments, that make the ads stand out. The TVC includes 5 different spots with their own set of locations, cast and storyline. And of course we had a lot of fun filming how the overachieving delivery men showed up in the most unusual places!

It was great to look back at what we have accomplished over the last few years, and to show our portfolio so that you can know what we are the best at. We offer local expertise in Hungary, Bulgaria and in the CEE region. If you enjoyed this collection of our favourite experiences, and would like to work with us or just learn more about our productions, don’t hesitate to reach out!