Virtual Film Studio to Revolutionize Film Production in Eastern Europe

Visual Europe Group Hungary is investing 11 million euros to build the largest virtual film studio in the Central and Eastern European region, located at HelloParks in Fót, Hungary.

Feb 10, 2023

The virtual studio will revolutionize the filmmaking process by offering a highly realistic 3D experience, reducing travel expenses and environmental impact, and eliminating limitations posed by weather and time of day.

Visual Europe Group Hungary is constructing the largest virtual film studio in Central and Eastern Europe, located at HelloParks in Fót, Hungary. The project, which is expected to be completed in early 2024, will cost the company 11 million euros.

A virtual studio eliminates the need for a physical set by utilizing images displayed on LED walls to create the backdrop for a scene in a highly realistic 3D format. This method cuts down on travel expenses and reduces the ecological impact of productions. Filming is also not limited by weather conditions or time of day, as the virtual environment can be adjusted to simulate any effect. This also provides a more convenient experience for actors, who can see the virtual environment in which they are performing, as opposed to the traditional green box technology.

The new studio will feature hundreds of square meters of LED walls, advanced camera and lighting systems, and media solutions for film, broadcast, and more. Currently, there are three smaller studios in Hungary that use similar technology, but with waiting lists that stretch for several years. Across Europe, ten other studios have similar solutions, the closest being in Poland.

The investors believe that the construction of the Fót studio will further establish Hungary's position in the global film industry. In recent years, Budapest has become the second-largest film production hub in Europe after London, with the Hungarian film industry generating over 250 billion Hungarian forints in revenue in 2022.