The Many Water Wonders of Budapest – Perfect for Filming

Apr 13, 2021

The city of Budapest offers a wide variety of gorgeous waterside filming locations. It is not only thanks to the fact that it was built around the Danube river, but to many thermal water sources as well. Budapest is rich in stunning outdoor spaces like the many islands adorning the river, or the various bridges that overpass it. In the following list, we included some that could be the perfect filming location for your next project.

Filming in Budapest - The most glamorous spas of Europe

Budapest is famous for its many spa locations with clear blue tiles. Some of them even have breathtaking views of the city. The antique feel of some of these places is great places for historical films as well.

The wide variety of spas that the city offers allows you to pick and choose a perfect filming location. You’d like to show off luxury? Do you need a relaxing and calm atmosphere for a scene? These spas offer everything a film producer could need.

An abundance of bridges

What is it that draws film crews to bridges? Budapest is the ideal location as it offers a wide range of superb bridge locations,

Even Will Smith couldn’t say no to the city’s famous bridges. He had to say goodbye to Budapest after months of filming Gemini Man by climbing on top of one of them.

The bridges of Budapest have many personalities. Some of them are more historical, some of them look more industrial. The choice is yours to pick the one that matches your production.

The centre of attention: the Danube

Filming by the Danube river. If you would like to keep the river in the background or maybe just capture some B-rolls of the Danube and the city centre, the Castle offers many gorgeous locations.

Elegant garden with a historic touch

The next possible location is the neo-renaissance style building complex at the feet of the Buda castle. Both the castle and its adorned gardens offer many possibilities. it's a favourite place to take strolls or have a tasty and fun picnic.

Photo credit: Welovebudapest

The columns and arches create a southern atmosphere that offers a wide range of filming opportunities. they also have the advantage that they are only a short walk away from the Danube riverbank.

The closest you can get to the water without getting wet

The perfect location for a romantic date or a tropical-themed event is the Tropicarium in Budapest. Just in case you would like to keep the water contained, but its creatures up close during your shoot.

Nature’s calling: the unique islands embellishing the Danube

A local favourite for escaping the busy city centre is visiting one of the islands of Budapest. Some of these are close to the downtown area and easy to reach for a quiet afternoon walk. Some might take more effort to get to but have beautiful, natural areas and many exciting activities.

From a filming perspective, these offer a tremendous range of opportunities and each one is unique in its own way.

The ever-changing lake in the middle of the city

Pest might be heavily developed, but even here we can find a piece of greenery in the main city park, with a superb lake. In the summer, boating here is the most romantic activity one can imagine.

The lake changes completely for the cold seasons when it becomes a winter wonderland with a skating rink. Again, a wide range of opportunities to find the perfect filming location.

If you wish to shoot a water scene indoors, this is the solution

Water sound stage for filming in Budapest.

It's one of the biggest sound stages in Europe: 10 x 10 x 4 meter (32 x 32 x 13 foot) and 4.3 m deep (13.1 ft).

It's a heatable, coverable water tank with two underwater side windows. These are absolutely perfect for wave effects, storm sequences and all types of water scenes.

The tank is equipped with a built-in circulated filtration system so the crew can work in a very comfortable environment.

Water Tank - Sound Stage

If any of these water locations are of interest or would like to know more about the possibilities of filming in Hungary or Bulgaria, feel free to reach out to Abroad Films.

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