Refreshing Summer Locations

Jul 7, 2021

On the hottest days of the summer, not everyone can just go to the beach, but as we know, watching a film can feel like travelling. These refreshing locations are sure to transport you and your audience to worry-free and adventurous summer days.

What could go wrong on a family camping trip?

We are familiar with the summer camping trip trope of family movies. As relaxing as the idea of a vacation is, the experience turns out to be the exact opposite. But the minor inconveniences and summer heartbreaks can’t get in the way of the enjoyment of these lakeside sceneries.

Teenagers on pedal boats, deep talks on the pier. The locations are full of nostalgia for those last summer days before the worries of adulthood.

Adventures of the Black Sea

Historic towns along the coast, sandy beaches, lagoons embraced in a small forest. The Bulgarian Riviera has it all.

The sparkling azure waters of the Black Sea are a perfect location for any seaside scene.

Escape to the mountains

The mountain lakes of Bulgaria are both romantic and mysterious.

The view from the Balkan mountains mixed with the crystal clear water of the lakes presents a perfect landscape for serene and calm scenes for your film.

The quirkiest cabins of Hungary

These lakeside cabins are so full of personality, we are a bit worried they could steal the spotlight.

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Perfect scenes for a summer camp or a Wes Anderson movie. The bright colours pop out from the natural setting.

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A splash of water

The lakes and rivers of both Bulgaria and Hungary present ample opportunities for water activities on film. Go rafting, sailing, kayaking or canoeing. It can be relaxing or filled with action and adventure depending on your script.

The Danube in the countryside

We all know how gorgeous the Danube can shine in the night lights of Budapest, but we rarely get to see the calm and close-to-nature side of the river.