Back to School - Season 2021

Sep 24, 2021

School plays an important role in people’s lives, we spend maybe our most formative years in classrooms and lecture halls. No wonder why high school drama series are so popular. We collected some of our favourite filming locations for scenes with academic or school settings. Remember to take notes on which ones match your film the best!

The modern university

Universities might have a rich history and have been founded 100+ years ago, but they can still have modern buildings. The students might take their STEM classes in this building, or it might be only for the med students! We only provide the perfect location, the story and details are up to the writers.

Excuse me, where can I find the Restricted Section?

Some libraries are more mysterious than others. This is where the true breakthroughs happen, crimes get solved, friendships form. Or it could be the place where the love interests exchange a few cute looks while studying for finals.

Parks for study picnics and daydreaming

It’s good to get out of the stuffy classrooms and busy hallways to nature. Your character might have a favourite tree on campus like Rory Gilmore. These parks could be the location for some light reading during recess or a gathering of friends after class.

Old trees and comfortable benches behind the historic buildings of an elite university. It's a great filming location for a film with a dark academia aesthetic.

It’s easy to feel small in a huge lecture hall

No university drama is complete without a lecture hall with hundreds of students eager to get the teacher’s attention. How would you make your main character stand out in these places?

Up close and personal

These classrooms are perfect for seminars and classes with fewer students. There is space for real interactions and character growth. We can already see the secret notes being passed around between tables, and small remarks being made behind someone's back.

A place for fine arts

Almost any classroom can be transformed into a fine arts studio, but it’s much easier to imagine the scene if you can already smell the acrylics. The key components of a studio are good lighting and lots of free space to move around. We bet you that we have a few great options to choose from.

No jock left behind

We all know how locker-room talk can affect how a story unfolds. From football fields to tennis courts we can find every sports scene location imaginable. Be careful with the basketball players though - they might burst into a song in the flip of a switch.

If any of these locations are of interest or would like to know more about the possibilities of filming in Hungary or Bulgaria, feel free to reach out to Abroad Films.

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