Abroad Films x Park Village - servicing in Sofia, Bulgaria

This summer was like a tour for Abroad Films. One of the stops was Sofia, Bulgaria where we serviced a TVC for London-based production company Park Village.

Oct 6, 2022

This summer was like a tour for Abroad Films. One of the stops was Sofia, Bulgaria where we serviced a TVC for London-based production company Park Village.

International collaboration

Just like the majority of our projects, this was a reunion of international talents and resources. The creative agency was The Tenth Man from Ireland, the production company was the London-based Park Village, and the client was Superbet, a Romanian online gaming company. The director duo we worked with is That Jam from the UK: Joe Beverley and Samuel Hurlock.

Casting local talents

As you’ll see from the finished film, this production required us to cast many extras, but it was not the only requirement. Cast had to consist of professional dancers, movement artists, and we needed stunt performers as well. So we took on the task, and found the best group in Bulgaria.

One of the main cast members was the amazing stunt Yori Papalezova. Her scene is absolutely breathtaking, take a look:

3 days of work hard, play hard

Shooting the TVC took 3 days and we were filming on location and on soundstages as well. Stunts, dance scenes, all that jazz. The crew was all around amazing and professional, so we had a great time meanwhile.

The seasoned director duo, Joe & Sam of That Jam brought their unique point of view to the production.

That Jam make the ordinary funny and the bizarre believable. Working on major campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, they combine high production values with beautiful imagery while never losing sight of the humour and heart at the centre of each project.

After working together on this project, Joe & Sam described the experience as such:

Filmmaking in a new city can always be a nerve-wracking endeavour but I knew we’d be ok from our first zoom call with Abroad Films. Their passion and professionalism were infectious throughout the 3 weeks we were in constant contact. So many production companies are purely facilitators, with Abroad films you get a partner just as dedicated to creating something memorable as the directors they work with. We didn’t just work well together, we had fun. We’ll be seeing them again very soon…

And now, finally, take a look at the finished TVC!

*music unavailable due to geo-restriction


Agency: The Tenth Man

Agency Producer: Lorraine Geoghegan

Directors: SAM & JOE (THAT JAM)

DOP: Radu Stefan Fulga

VFX Supervisor: Allen Sillery

Production Company: Park Village

Executive Producer: Adam Booth

Producer: Jake Hafer

Production Manager: Jake Bishop

Production Service: Abroad Films (Bulgaria)

Service Producer: Attila Horvath

Line Producer: Anatoli Netchev

Local Production manager: Edward Michongwe

Local Unit Manager: Eddy Schwartz

1st AD: Nikola Palankov-Tchotcho

Production Designer: Giannis Skafidas

Choreographer: Cat Gilles

Associate Choreographer: Kosta Karakashyan

Stylist: Katrin Dimitrova

Casting: Miroslava Draganova