7 tube and train stations that are perfect for filming in Hungary

Jan 8, 2021

Budapest is full of hidden gems, and tube and train stations are one of them. They are perfect locations for film production or video production.

Hungary has many subway and train stations that look just like the ones in Paris and London. There are many advantages of using them for filming , not least, that they are available at a much more competitive price.

Filming in tube or railways stations in places alike London and Paris is expensive and difficult. Hungary offers the perfect solution.

Budapest metro system has four subway lines. All four look vastly different in style and offer tremendous scope to film producers.

Railway and Tube Stations for filming in Hungary

1) The Millenium Underground

The first line is actually from the 19th century, 1896 to be exact. It was the first metro network in continental Europe. The very first one opened in London in 1863.

It was built for Hungary’s 1000th birthday. It has its own museum, the Millennium Underground Museum.

The train carriages used to look like these in the Underground Museum.

The former Millennium Underground, Hungary. Photo credit - Albertbahn

Now they look like this:

The updated Millennium Underground, Hungary.

You can buy tickets from these cute booths and all the stations have these beautiful wall tiles:

The Millennium Underground ticket office, Hungary

From the outside, the station looks just like the Paris Metropolitan!

The Millenium Line is the perfect background for a XIXth century Western European milieu.

2) Bikás Park Station

This one could easily pass as a NASA building or a science lab. But it’s a subway station! It opened in 2014, but it looks like it came from the future. The perfect film set if ever there was one.

If you look at it from the outside, it looks like something aliens left here, because it’s surrounded by a classic housing complex from the 70s.

The outside of Bikas Park Station
Mosaic ceiling of Bikas Park Station

3) Szent Gellért Tér station

This station, along with almost all the other tube stations from Line 4 is very futuristic. It could easily pass in a sci-fi movie. The mosaic with the sporadic pattern is very impressive. One of the specialties of the station that the structure allows sunshine to shine all the way to the tunnel through the crossbeams.

Mosaic tunnel surrounds of Szent Gellert Ter station
Szent Gellért Tér station rafters

4) Escalators

The escalators’ beauty lies in their ordinariness. As you can see, these escalators could easily be in London or Boston.

Aerial view of the Escalators in Hungary
Escalators in Hungary could easily be mistaken for London or Paris

5) Nyugati Railway Station – a popular film location

Gwen Stefani shot her “Early Winter” music video here. Also Margot Robbie and Simon Pegg shot parts for the movie ‘Terminal’ here.

This is one of the main railway terminals in Budapest. It was built in the XIXth century by none other than the prestigious Eiffel Company which is why the design represents the elements of eclecticism.

The outside of Nyugati Railway Station
Nyugati Railway Station in the dark

Inside there is one of the fanciest McDonalds in the world

McDonalds at Nyugati Railway Station

6) Keleti Railway Station – the location for many films.

This is another historic, elegant building from the XIXth century. It is already loved by filmmakers having appeared in Mission Impossible and Black Widow.

Keleti Railway Station Archways
Keleti Railway Station ceiling

7) Istvántelek

We chose this little station to represent the variety Budapest has in terms of locations. Istvántelek is not as pretty as the previous ones, but it’s the perfect film or video location for any shoot requiring the outskirt of a big metropolis.

Istvántelek station
Aerial shot of Istvántelek station

We hope you enjoyed looking at these superb film locations. Now you can see how much Budapest and its heritage sites, its tube and its railway stations has to offer in terms of film locations and film production.

Budapest makes it easy to believe that you are in the 19th century, or that you came from the future, or just from a different continent. You choose.

Tamás Bujnovszky Photographer