3+1 reasons why 2017 was a BOMB year for the Hungarian movie industry

Jul 29, 2019

2017 was the most epic year so far of the 00s in the Hungarian movie industry. Gigantic movie budgets, awesome projects, A-list celebrities – that year was all about that.

1. The most expensive TV series in the history of Hungary was being made

And it’s none other than The Alienist. The crew spent more than $70 million, of which 25% was tax rebate from the Hungarian government. The customer was the American TNT channel. The thriller is set in XIXth century New York, and its main character is Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist of Hungarian origins who is trying to find a serial murderer with his colleague from the local police station. It stars Luke Evans, Daniel Brühl and Dakota Fanning.

2. Jennifer Lawrence got into a bar fight

It was around the time when she shot Red Sparrow in Hungary. The budget was 40 million dollars and locals just loved Jenniger being in their home country. She made headlines when she went to a local pub, Vittula, and got into a bar fight with a very pushy male fan.

3. Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher casually hanging out in Budapest

Mila Kunis shot The Spy Who Dumped Me in Budapest, and the large piece of this funny spy/road trip movie was created in Hungary: in the library of the Technological University, the downtown streets of Budapest and many more. Mila & Ashton were not shy to enjoy the city: they were very often seen eating out, having fun, even attending the FINA World Championships. The Hungarian production costs were around $33 million.

+1. The Hungarian rap song that Kate Mckinnon learned in Hungary and performed at Light Night with Jimmy Fallon

This is such an epic moment for Hungarians all over the world: Kate Mckinnon dropping flawless Hungarian rap at one of the coolest late night shows, Jimmy Fallon’s. She picked up one version of the rap song, named after the Budapest neighborhood Jozsefvaros, from her driver in Hungary when she also shot The Spy Who Dumped Me with Mila Kunis. You go, Kate!


I am looking forward to revive this year, so if you’re thinking about creating some great movie projects, reach out!